“An Unconditional Commitment to an Imperfect Person”

Chuck Colson said, “Every enduring marriage involves an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.”  Nearly fifty percent of couples in America reject the unconditional component and end up in divorce courts.  This results, according to one data source, in a divorce every 13 seconds in America.  This swells to 6,646 divorces per day and 2,419,190 per year.  On the other hand, Nepal has only 1.2 divorces per 1000 marriages according to the latest figures I could find.  So why should we hold conferences in Nepal on the permanence of marriage?  Are we “preaching to the choir”?


I was humbled by the level of hunger for “bible truth” that we witnessed. They listened intently, and surprised us with their long, attention-spans over the six hours of class time each day. Many students would continue reading their Bibles during breaks and really enjoyed reading the passages out-loud for our lessons

Proclaiming Christ on “Top of the World”

Four weeks and Four Teaching Assignments

Elvin joined as a guest speaker for conference in Surkhet a town in Far-Western Nepal and at a youth conference in Nepalgunj. Elvin spoke on Biblical Leadership from the life of three Kings. Stephen spoke on Biblical Finances. After Elvin flew back to USA Stephen continued teaching at a pastor conference in Jumla a remote town in the mountains of western Nepal, and teaching at a Bible school in Nepalgunj.

Sweet Visitations of the Lord

MTM hosted a Godly Marriage and Family Life Conference at Pokhara, Nepal June 13-16, 2022. Although the rainy season had begun, and the weather was quite warm and humid, the spiritual blessings far outweighed all the discomforts. The Conference was a four-day event conducted at Pastor Man’s church house at Pokhara, Nepal. Brother Raymond Burkholder taught on Godly marriage and Family Life while Earl Peachy spoke from I Thessalonians with an emphasis on Church Planting. Both Bible teachers taught two teaching sessions each day.


It was a privilege to once again travel with Raymond to Ree village in Nepal. We had the pleasure of taking with us his assistant Joshua Slabaugh and a young man from my home church, James Schwartz. I had been there with Raymond in 2011. At that time we walked about 4 ½- 5 hours UP!!!! the mountain from the end of the road and had a very special time with believers from across the mountains. This time there is a road up the mountain a bit further than we had gone the last time but still UP!!!! The “road” required a 4 wheel drive vehicle to scratch and bounce its way up from the river at around 2000’ elevation to the village at around 4600’. The 8 seat vehicle had 14 adults plus a couple young children and all of our luggage and supplies. At the top, we were greeted by very friendly brothers and sisters who helped get us and our luggage the final ¾ of a mile up and down the path into the village where we were shown to the village home of the local pastor and his wife who warmly welcomed us and treated us very hospitably although they spoke very little English.

It Is Moments Like These….

    A hut clings to the side of a mountain. A fire burns on a hearth as we enter. A window allows streams of light to cut through the dimly lit room. We sit on the floor in a circle and talk and sing over steaming potatoes and milk tea.  It is ten minutes…

“We Cannot Say Good Bye…”

….said a Nepalese leader in closing… “We Feel MTM Will Come Here Again.” The assembly of saints in worship and fellowship is such a delightful experience.  Barriers of language and culture largely fade into the background when gladsome hands warmly clasp those of fellow-believers, when their heart-felt expressions of greeting are exchanged, and their mingled…


As contemporary Bible scholars continue to disregard the cultural setting of Matthew’s gospel and interpret the “exception clause” of Matthew 5 and 19 to be “marital unfaithfulness” or “sexual immorality,” the effect reaches around the world.  Marital faithfulness is no longer linked to a covenant made to God but rather it is dependent upon one’s perception…