Double Discipleship Making Events in a Hindu Kingdom

The present prime minister of India is striving hard to make India a Hindu Kingdom eradicating all other religions. This has resulted in persecution for Christians and Muslims. Muslims and Christians are fleeing India for this very reason. It really appears like the Gospel discipleship making opportunity in India is Fast closing. We must be adamantly passionate to do the work of Jesus in India NOW while it is yet DAY for there is a Night coming when no man can work (John 9:4).

Finally MTM is Back on the Discipleship Trail

Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.” The Nepal Asian Bible School was planned to be held in 2020 but was canceled indefinitely because of covid. God finally opened the doors for the Bible School to be conducted February 21 thru March 4, 2022. This MTM hosted Bible School was a two-week pastoral equipping event for emerging leaders & pastors. NABS was conducted in the regions of far western Nepal at Nepalgunj. There were 22 students registered and all qualified for graduation at the first Nepal Asia Bible School.

Vision for Spiritual and Social Action

Four years ago MTM (Macedonian Teaching Ministry) had started a short-term Bible School in the state of Odisha (India) which later on named as Odisha Bible School (OBS). It is being organized by a local committee, formed by MTM to operate and organize the OBS every year.Each year 30 to 35 students are participating / attending the Bible school. Odisha Bible School (OBS) conducts three weeks training course and each year 30 to 35 evangelists, pastors, leaders those who are mostly untrained attend the same.

Disciples in the Making

The MTM vision of teaching faithful men who will be able to teach others also resonates in my heart in a greater way after the Odisha Bible School in India the last 3 weeks. I was extremely blessed to be a part of this year’s Bible School here in the state of Odisha. There were 31 men here for this Bible School; along with the 4 dear pastors who organize and make it all happen.

NOW Is the Acceptable TIME

Recently a Christian leader in India was involved in a court case concerning his baptizing a new believer.  One was a young girl who went on to marry a Hindu man.  They discovered she was a Christian and she was killed by her husband’s family. Going through her phone they found pictures of her baptism and were able to trace the leader who had baptized her. He faced legal charges in a costly lawsuit, costly in time and money. Another leader in India is also facing a court case involving a tract written using the ministry name. Because the writer used the story of the prodigal son and talked about the fatted calf, the Hindus have taken the ministry to law. 

Religiosity Hinders the Work of Jesus

“We’ve never heard this kind of teaching before!” The speaker was an older deacon in the local church. The setting was Putao in far northern Myanmar. The teaching of this MTM Bible School was on two important subjects for the deeper Christian life; “Know Christ and make Him Known,” a study on Holy Spirit inspired church growth and evangelism from the book of Acts, and “the Godly Family.” Important, even critical subjects for the church to examine, if we wish to grow and prosper. Yet this church leader claimed to have never heard them taught.

The Staggering Needs of Maharashtra State of India!!

INDIA – A country of 33 million Hindu gods. – A country with a population of 1.34 billion people (only China has slightly more). – A country where idols & images are worshiped. – A country where there are 229 different languages. – A country where there are 1,514 gospel unreached people groups. – A country where only 1 in 100 marriages end in divorce, one of the lowest rates in all the world
Maharashtra State alone has 11 million people in 43,665 villages and only 1%, of the total population are considered Christian (and this would include Catholic). – All India and Maharashtra desperately in need of the LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST. – All India and especially Maharashtra, SO GREAT A NEED FOR SPIRITUAL DISCIPLESHIP & TRAINING. –   WHAT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY?

How Can We Overlook This Great Call?

It has been a great privilege to serve the Lord in India for over three weeks. It has been a stretching, inspirational, humbling, encouraging, convicting, faith building experience, and has increased my hunger for the Word of God. What a privilege, what a blessing has been mine! Thank you Lord. God is so good. And…

What Will Be Said of Our Generation?

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” What a joy to again have the privilege of serving the Lord with MTM in India! This time the venue was Himachal Bible College and Seminary in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. February 3-10, 2018…