Medical Journey of Pastor Raymond, Director of MTM

For the past 5+ years I (Ps Raymond Burkholder) experienced pain in both my knees as I traveled globally for the cause of making disciples among many Nations for MTM. Then approximately 1-1/2 years back I finally went to see an orthopedic surgeon in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He thoroughly investigated both my knees (with many x-rays) and informed me that I have Osteo-arthritis (also sometimes called degenerate Bone disease) in both knees with little to no cartilage remaining. He informed me that I will need surgery sometime soon to replace both my knees and that the Orthopedic department at RAM hospital at Chiang Mai, Thailand is well equipped to perform this surgery.

MTM Personnel Transitions

These are just a few of the questions that make it difficult for us to say “farewell” after 7 years of following the Lord Jesus through South East (SE) Asia on the Macedonian Teaching Ministry trail. Judy and I thank God for His abundant grace to us through SO MANY of you during our time with MTM. We always knew that since the call was clear to go, we had nothing to fear about going. By God’s grace and your prayerful support, we always found that to be true. HALLELUJAH!!