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“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men,
who shall be able to teach others also.” II Timothy 2:2

Teaching Nepali Faithful Men

II Timothy 2:2

Pokhara Nepal

December 2 – 6, 2019

The first week of December is a time that will be remembered for quite some time. There were a number of things that impressed us. Quite a few of the pastors & emerging leaders traveled on a bus for three days to attend this training conference. Furthermore, they would sit on the hard floor all day (6 hours) attentively drinking in deeply and diligently taking notes in their spiral notebooks. 

Five days, four sessions each day. These men are truly seeking to know God more and more.


As Brother Raymond and Brother Tim ministered to this group of pastors and aspiring pastors, their hunger to learn more of God’s Word and apply these teachings to their lives was evident. Brother Raymond shared on Pastoral Care and Shepherding. Brother Tim shared some points on Leadership in General and also encouraged them to fight the good fight of faith, putting on the whole amour of God as in Ephesians chapter 6. The verse that came to mind as we observed their hunger and desire was, Matthew 5:6 which promises those that desire hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. The spirit of God was very keenly felt throughout the week and at the closing of the last service, Brother Raymond gave an invitation for them to recommit their lives and their ministry to God anew. There was an overwhelming response as they knelt and prayed and shed tears and called out to God in commitment and prayer.

Our Prayers are with the Church in The Himalayan region of the world as it grows and as these native Pastors continue to shepherd their people and continue to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Also, let us support MTM in prayer as they go and preach the all things of Jesus Christ.

Editor’s Note; Tim & Cindy Miller live near Berlin Ohio. Tim has pastored at Faith Haven Mennonite Church in Mt Hope for 30 years.  They have 6 children and it was a joy to have their son Chad serve the Lord in Nepal, alongside his father.  Thank you, Tim, for giving to the Lord and His people through serving with MTM!  May God richly bless you for it. 

Biratnagar Nepal

December 15 – 18, 2019

It was a special privilege to participate in the Pastoral Priorities Leadership Conference hosted by MTM and Pastor Eshaw as the native coordinator, in Dakuwa Danga village near Biratnagar, Nepal. 

We met in Pastor Eshaw’s church in a remote village setting.  Although in Nepal, we were close to the Indian border. Brother Raymond spoke on Pastoral Priorities. His first lesson, Knowing Christ, laid the foundation for the lessons that followed. I spoke on Words of Wisdom for Pastors taken from the book of II Timothy. Paul, in a prison cell awaiting death, was writing his last known words to his beloved son Timothy, instructing, warning and encouraging him.

  Some of the attendees were from India and the rest were from Nepal. Some had traveled for quite a distance in order to attend. It is indeed a precious opportunity to teach God’s Word to men who are in leadership or likely will be in leadership in the future. I am very thankful that the Word is for all cultures in all times. 

The MTM team along with three brothers from India who traveled for three days to be at this conference!!


There was good attention given, evidence of interest, and expressions of gratefulness, though teaching through an interpreter has challenges. The teachings were interpreted from English into Hindi. The response of the brothers to an invitation extended by Brother Raymond during one message to empty self in order to follow Jesus’ example of leadership was encouraging.

  It was a great blessing to learn that the location of the conference was in the midst of the unreached Madeshi people. We trust God that this conference will bear much fruit. Before coming to Nepal, God had reminded me of Isaiah 55:10, 11 that His Word will not return to Him void but will accomplish that which He pleases. Our desire is that God would use this conference to strengthen and encourage the believers to walk faithfully and to reach out to the many people in this area of the world who are walking in blindness.

Stephen Burkholder and Clinton Weaver provided vital support to us teachers and to the Conference itself. It certainly has been a blessing for me to learn to know these two brothers who are serving God in Nepal. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with MTM in this manner. Focusing on those who are able to reach the people groups who know little about the Savior is a very important ministry and I thank God that He has called MTM into existence.

Editor’s Note; Earl Peachey and his wife Edna live in Mattawana PA. Earl was ordained in 1981 and served in northern Indiana for six years before moving to PA. Since that time, he has served at Valley View Amish Mennonite Church at Belleville PA, with the exception of a few years that they spent in Kenya Africa.  Thank you, Brother Earl, for giving to the Lord through serving with MTM in this way.  May God richly bless you. 

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