Before, We Only heard…Today We Understand!

I can only testify to God’s great faithfulness, love and compassion upon ALL of His People. Hallelujah and Amen would be the cry of my heart today as I reflect back on this amazing experience of worshipping, praying, leading, teaching, and crying with these godly men and women. I believe all of our team would echo my sentiments that God not only answers prayer, but He provides exceedingly abundantly above all that we might ask or think. The power of the presence of our Holy God was noticeably present as we lived, loved, learned, and taught among this wonderful group of people.

Vision for Spiritual and Social Action

Four years ago MTM (Macedonian Teaching Ministry) had started a short-term Bible School in the state of Odisha (India) which later on named as Odisha Bible School (OBS). It is being organized by a local committee, formed by MTM to operate and organize the OBS every year.Each year 30 to 35 students are participating / attending the Bible school. Odisha Bible School (OBS) conducts three weeks training course and each year 30 to 35 evangelists, pastors, leaders those who are mostly untrained attend the same.

White Fields of Harvest – John 4:35

Having had very little idea of what to expect of the pastors conference in Taunggyi, Myanmar, I had one recurring prayer: “Lord, please empty me of self that there may be room in my heart for a full measure of Yourself”. God has answered this prayer, and we have been filled with countless blessings as we fellowshipped with our brothers and sisters of Myanmar.

HBCS Spiritual Emphasis Week

What a blessed opportunity! Himachal Bible College & Seminary is located in the sub-Himalayan region of Northern India. HBCS is an accredited college & Seminary that gives the students the credits & degrees needed to get the good-paying jobs they desire. A good education is a very high priority in India. There is a lot of value put on a college degree even for the ministry.

Youth Hungering & Thirsting After Righteousness

I was impressed with the hunger and thirst for the word of God, and their desire to have pure hearts before God.  During a brief testimony time, a young man shared how he was the only Christian in his family, and how God had shown him that he needed to ask forgiveness from his father and mother for some of his wrong actions in the past.  Another commented that he always wondered why ladies didn’t cover their heads, since it’s in the Bible.  Another shared how he wants to have a pure heart for God like Joseph.    A young lady shared with me later how Hebrews has always been one of those books that she was afraid to study, and she was so excited this week to learn about Melchizedek, since it never made sense to her before.  There were tears and brokenness before God, and we found encouragement as we discussed the truths of God’s word.  Repentance happened as God’s Holy spirit pointed out areas of our lives that needed to be changed.

Let Your Light so Shine Before Men

Pchum Ben, also called Ancestor’s Day, is a Cambodian religious festival that was in full swing during the time we were holding four MTM Leadership Conferences. Some Khmer Christians call it the “Festival of Darkness”. It is also a time when people travel back to their home villages for family time. We thank God for your prayers, as He faithfully lifted us from the oppression we felt around us!!!

Disciples in the Making

The MTM vision of teaching faithful men who will be able to teach others also resonates in my heart in a greater way after the Odisha Bible School in India the last 3 weeks. I was extremely blessed to be a part of this year’s Bible School here in the state of Odisha. There were 31 men here for this Bible School; along with the 4 dear pastors who organize and make it all happen.

We Plant but God Give the Increase

India… a land one third the size of the United States, yet has four times the population.  A country half way around the world from many of us, yet close to our hearts.  A place where most of the people have never heard the name of Jesus, not even once. Where idol worship is seen everywhere, where little by little Jesus is being introduced by faithful brothers and sisters.  

Addicted to Ministry Among the Nations

MTM will be do four conference with different guest teachers along the way.
Please pray for:
Safety as the MTM team and each of the guest teachers travel to and from the conference locations.
Each of the teachers as they teach the Word of God.
Spiritual protection
Open hearts to receive God’s Word.