of the world’s population
have never heard
about Jesus Christ

“Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

Christ’s last command before leaving earth was to go, teach, and make disciples of all nations. The word ‘nations’ in the Greek language means ethnic people groups. There are approximately 9,805 different people groups in our world today. Approximately 3,264 (2.9 billion people) people groups are unreached. That is 40.3% of the world’s total population that have never heard of the of the Gospel! 

The largest portion of the world’s unreached people live in South Asia. They have not rejected Jesus, they simply have no had the opportunity to hear that Jesus saves.

In our sheltered Christian settings, we talk about Jesus Christ’s second coming while approximately one-third of the world’s population has never heard of His first coming.

Mobilizing Native Christians to Win the
Unreached for Christ

Macedonian Teaching Ministry (MTM) believes that the most effective way to reach the 2.9 billion unreached souls is to disciple native Christians to reach their own unreached people for Jesus Christ.

It has been said that few people reject the gospel, but rather the package of the gospel. When a foreigner goes to another people group with the gospel, it is packaged in a strange skin color, language and culture. To the unreached, this man and his message are strange. But when a native person comes with the gospel, the message has a far greater impact because he looks like them, understands their culture and speaks their language.

God has granted MTM the opportunity to work alongside native Christians to equip them to reach their own people with the Gospel. MTM is providing Biblical teaching and training by hosting 3-5 day Bible conferences and three week Bible Schools in many countries throughout Asia and some in Africa.

 We are thrilled and humbled at the many opportunities to equip native leaders to make disciples of all nations.

Our Mission

It is the goal of MTM to provide a reproducible, and sustainable model to train and send out native men of leadership who will evangelize, make disciples, and plant churches among their own native unreached people groups.

Our Goal

  • Conduct conferences and Bible Schools in poorer tribal regions of the world
  • Equip native leaders to reach their own people