Four conferences in Myanmar and Cambodia

  We were blessed to join Rich and Nicole Moore on a 2 week MTM trip to SouthEast Asia. It was a blessing for us to get to know them better. They did a wonderful job keeping us on track and on time with our busy schedule. 

    We spent the 1st week in Yangon, Myanmar. We enjoyed worshipping with Pastor Toe’s congregation on Sun. Monday we were back at his church for a 2 day conference. Then on Wednesday we went to Reaching the World Bible School for a 3 day conference. Each day was filled with 2 teaching sessions in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with a nice lunch and fellowship in between.  We were encouraged to see their desire to grow and learn more from God’s word regardless if the electricity was on or off(powerpoint and fans) during the hot afternoons. Through their many smiles and appreciation there was a deep concern for their country and the civil war waging in the north. We spoke with one pastor who had fled to Yangon 2 weeks earlier with his young family, leaving behind his village in the hopes of preserving life. Since we have gotten home things have drastically changed for the dear people in Myanmar. On Feb 10th the military demanded mandatory service for unmarried men and women. This has brought much fear and despair for the future…..they are asking us to pray for them!

We also held another conference in Yangon. about 75 attendees…both Bible students and pastors

    Our 2nd week took us to Cambodia with our 1st conference in Kampong Thom for 2 days. Then on to Sisophon for another 2-day conference. We were so blessed to meet many precious souls in both countries who had the same common desire …to spread the GOSPEL and faithfully disciple new believers(many are 1st generation). Things we learned…. We heard and witnessed many pastors opening their homes and lives to displaced and vulnerable children. When we asked if they had support for this extra load they often said ” We pray and trust God”. We were challenged to apply this simple faith to our own lives at home!  We learned the importance of praying for our interpreters as they willingly and carefully chose words to share the message in their mother tongue.  We were the recipients of God’s protection and sustaining grace through your prayers on our behalf. This reminded us of the importance of intercessory prayer for the church around the world. 

Steven teaching about how the whole body of Christ takes direction from the its head…Jesus Christ

    Please pray for our dear brothers and sisters in SouthEast Asia and the future work of MTM there. We left each conference hearing the words, “Please come back!”  This time was truly a blessing for us and we certainly came home with more than the little we gave! To God be the Glory!

Steven preaching about how the fruit is not for the branch but for the planter and for the blessing to others

   The above article was written by our guest teacher, Steven and LaurelLee Skiles who joined us from central Indiana where they live and minister in the Cutler Ridge congregation near Flora. Steven’s message theme was “Walking with Christ” and I taught through the book of Titus. Thank you Steven and LaurelLee for spending so much of yourselves in gospel ministry for the dear brothers and sisters in Myanmar and Cambodia. Thank you to the brothers and sisters of Cutler Ridge for your support in prayer and finances!

Rich Moore

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Special Thanks to those who have helped make these conferences possible!