MTM Team Update & A Spiritual Message from the Word

All of us are keenly aware of all that has been happening globally due to the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. The way that this pandemic has spread all over the globe and has affected most of us is staggering and all but unbelievable. But nevertheless, my encouragement to all at such a time as this is to rest in the all-wise sovereignty of our blessed Good God.  Within this MTM update you will find an update in behalf of all the MTM team. As a pastor as well as the director of MTM I also want to seize the teachable moment as well as encouragement to the believers. Therefore, I have included a current events Spiritual message from Psalm 68 entitled “The Christians Response to Calamity”. The Bible says wisdom cries from the street. Therefore, we want to learn how Christians should respond at a time such as this.