From the beginning of MTM more than 12+ years a-back MTM has been equipping and training native pastors and church leaders to reach-out and minister to their own physically & spiritually gospel unreached. Little did we know that MTM was preparing these dear brothers in Christ for such a time as this in 2020 when International borders are closed due to COVID-19 and MTM is no longer able to come and help them. My heart has thrilled at the way these dear native brothers have rose to the challenges in putting into practice all that MTM has been teaching them to do for past 12 years in the total absence of MTM. Blessed be God!!!

But there was a part that MTM continued to play from our office in America. That was to be a catalyst or a go-between. It has been a great joy and privilege to serve our dear native Christian brothers in India by serving them with financial help through Christian Aid Ministries (CAM). Please enjoy the following testimony and photos from Odisha state of India. MTM has been partnering with brother Binay Bardham for the past 12 years in hosting Bible Conferences and Bible schools.

Binay Bardham (far left) From Odisha State of India Facilitating COVID-19 Relief Aid

Binay Bardham’s Testimony

“The COVID-19 infection is growing fast at an exponential rate across the world. The pandemic is also spreading rapidly in India despite the necessary measures adopted by the state and central government to curb the spread of COVID-19, but there is no respite as such. The global and national spread on a daily basis are very scary and alarming. The effect of community at large is very painful and heart breaking. ¬†This has a profound impact on every class of society but the most affected are the poor.

In response to this pandemic, VSSA (India Ministry Name) with the help and support of CAM came forward to reach out to the poor and marginalised, daily wage labourers, rickshaw pullers, venders as well as Pastors, Evangelists who are struggling to feed themselves with no earning options.
We sincerely would like to express our gratitude for the generous and sacrificial donations and earnest prayer which enable VSSA to meet the food and safety needs of needy families in this crisis time.
In the first phase, we could able to distribute 40 relief kit in Bhubaneswar, Khordha, and Nayagarh

Further VSSA Plan

VSSA has further plan to reach out to ——– household with ration kit. etc etc

Concern & Challenges

  • Safety and good health of staff and volunteers involved in COVID-19 response.
  • Movement restricted due to rapid spread and lock down
  • Required more funds for implementation of COVID-19 response.
  • Timely cooperation from Government authorities for smooth implementation of this relief work.
  • Fear of the spread of COVID-19 to rural areas of India.
  • Reaching out to the daily labourers, migrants and construction workers.”
Binay Bardham and a recipient of COVID-19 relief aid.