Religiosity Hinders the Work of Jesus

“We’ve never heard this kind of teaching before!” The speaker was an older deacon in the local church. The setting was Putao in far northern Myanmar. The teaching of this MTM Bible School was on two important subjects for the deeper Christian life; “Know Christ and make Him Known,” a study on Holy Spirit inspired church growth and evangelism from the book of Acts, and “the Godly Family.” Important, even critical subjects for the church to examine, if we wish to grow and prosper. Yet this church leader claimed to have never heard them taught.

 “As Workers Together With God in 2018”

Year after year, testimonies abound that your investment is impacting the Kingdom of God…by commitments that are made, ministries that are started, churches that are planted among the unreached. And lives that are changed, and souls that are saved at the MTM leadership conferences, Bible Schools, youth meetings, and night revivals!

MTM – Ministry To the Max

This MTM ministry trip was marked by four major ministry events all in one trip to India. This included three different leadership conferences in three totally different regions of India. All this was followed by the Burkholder’s officiating in a wedding in yet another region of India. This trip also included hosting three different MTM teaching teams from different parts of the world. After 10 different air flights and one month in India truly this was MTM-Ministry To the MAX.


Where would you fit yourself in this description? Like the Great Harvest Jesus spoke of…some are observing, some are sitting, some are standing, and a few are working…and others are just going on with life as normal. Lu 10:2, Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.

The Staggering Needs of Maharashtra State of India!!

INDIA – A country of 33 million Hindu gods. – A country with a population of 1.34 billion people (only China has slightly more). – A country where idols & images are worshiped. – A country where there are 229 different languages. – A country where there are 1,514 gospel unreached people groups. – A country where only 1 in 100 marriages end in divorce, one of the lowest rates in all the world
Maharashtra State alone has 11 million people in 43,665 villages and only 1%, of the total population are considered Christian (and this would include Catholic). – All India and Maharashtra desperately in need of the LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST. – All India and especially Maharashtra, SO GREAT A NEED FOR SPIRITUAL DISCIPLESHIP & TRAINING. –   WHAT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY?

Intentionally Mentoring Next Generation Leaders

It was with mixed feeling that I climbed into my parent’s vehicle to head for the airport in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  There were sad feelings were due to saying farewell to my wife and 3 younger sons for 9 days.  Those feelings of sadness conflicted with the emotions of excitement as I was finally traveling to India with my father, Raymond, to participate in an MTM youth conference in Gyalshing, West Sikkim.  This was a dream that both my father and I had for many years that has finally coming to fruition.  It was also exciting that my two oldest sons, Kyran (11) and Raygan (9), were going along as well.


As you read the title, what were your first instinctive thoughts? Where in the world is Vietnam? Depending on your age you may have immediately thought of the horrible atrocities of the 10-year war that the US was part of in this small Asian country. A war for freedom that ultimately was lost to communism. Or perhaps your immediate thoughts were a restricted, communist, closed to the gospel country. All the above facts are true, but what about Vietnam today?

Much Water, No Water & Finally, Living Water

Upon our MTM team arrival in Andra Pradesh, state of India, Pastor Abraham Samuel hosted us in remote tribal village visitation. Just ahead of our arrival, there had been heavy storm activity in this region which downed trees and cut off the electricity and swelled the rivers.  On our way to the first village we came to a river that we needed to cross but the river was to high for our auto to cross-over. Now what to do?