Manifold Evidences of the Presence of God In INDIA, MTM Ministry

After the three different conferences & three different locations on the same subject in Vietnam and after two-weeks of conferences, Raymond & Naomi Burkholder traveled on to Delhi, India and then we forwarded on to Sikkim State of India where we caught up with Jay & Amy Smoker who were prepared to serve as MTM guest teacher for our two conferences in this state of India. Our first event was a scheduled youth conference in Gylashing in Sikkim State of India April 23-26, 2024.

“An Unconditional Commitment to an Imperfect Person”

Chuck Colson said, “Every enduring marriage involves an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.”  Nearly fifty percent of couples in America reject the unconditional component and end up in divorce courts.  This results, according to one data source, in a divorce every 13 seconds in America.  This swells to 6,646 divorces per day and 2,419,190 per year.  On the other hand, Nepal has only 1.2 divorces per 1000 marriages according to the latest figures I could find.  So why should we hold conferences in Nepal on the permanence of marriage?  Are we “preaching to the choir”?