Chuck Colson said, “Every enduring marriage involves an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.”  Nearly fifty percent of couples in America reject the unconditional component and end up in divorce courts.  This results, according to one data source, in a divorce every 13 seconds in America.  This swells to 6,646 divorces per day and 2,419,190 per year.  On the other hand, Nepal has only 1.2 divorces per 1000 marriages according to the latest figures I could find.  So why should we hold conferences in Nepal on the permanence of marriage?  Are we “preaching to the choir”?

In Nepal churches are often segerated, but during this conference the organizers asked Pastors to sit together with thier wife

    Nepali pastors asked MTM to hold two conferences on the permanence of marriage because Western preachers are teaching their people that divorce and remarriage are authorized and blessed by God.  Our first conference was held in Nepalgunj, Nepal and the second a three-hour drive north in Surkhet, Nepal.  There were approximately one hundred fifty pastors and their wives that attended the two conferences where we reviewed God’s original design for marriage and then explained that divorce and remarriage is a problem, not a solution.  It reverses God’s design and then destroys the picture/symbol that God intends to use to show the beauty of Christ’s relationship with His bride, the church.  We ended our session with seven important ways a husband can love his wife and seven ways a wife can respect her husband.  

Satpal teaching on “Raising up Godly Children”

    Brother Stephen Burkholder shared on the theme of the importance of the church.  His messages also underscored the God-designed parallel that a Christian marriage is to symbolize.  Barbara and I enjoyed the rich fellowship with the leaders we were able to share with.  One former Hindu priest, who now is the head pastor of the church in Surkhet where the conference was held, was such a joyful illustration of the dynamic change that comes in the heart of a Christ-follower.  His sons are leaders in the ministry of the Gospel and demonstrate the beauty of holiness where our Father’s design is followed.  It is our sincere expectation that the pastors who attended the conferences will follow the example of the Bereans in diligently studying the Word of God to follow its teaching and resist the false teaching and examples they are receiving from the West.

Many of the mornings were cold and very foggy

Kiran BC and Barb Yoder in the morning ready to leave for the confernce. A cold 41’s F 20 minutes scooter ride

Pastors registering conference attendees 

Group photo teachers and conference organizers

Editor’s Note: The above article was written by Val Yoder. Val and Barbara have been married 12 years. They live in Kitchi Pines Minnesota. Val serves on the leadership team at Kitchi Pines Mennonite Church in Minnesota. It was an Honor to have Val and Barbara Join in Nepal for these Conferences.

Please pray for God’s Continuing Guidance for the chuches in Nepal