MTM (M…lim To Messiah) 2.0

There has been a long silence in regards to MTM updates. Reason being, as we most all are aware of is the global pandemic. Most all International borders remain closed in the countries where MTM ministers. This includes India, Nepal & Myanmar. Please be assured that all MTM staff are well and healthy & patiently waiting for borders to fully open (this means no quarantines). In the mean time we are all (MTM staff) actively involved in Kingdom building work wherever God has called us.

MTM (M…lim To Messiah) In Chios, Greece Refugee Ministry

For quite a number of years already i58 refugee ministry in Greece was asking Naomi & I to bring MTM to Greece. Finally, after my (Raymond’s) bilateral knee surgery had fully healed and his mobility was restored, the timing seemed right we could answer that i58 call to minister to the refugees there in Greece. The countries in Asia that MTM normally ministers in are all still closed due to Covid-19.

MTM Personnel Future Transitions

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. To you, as a much-appreciated supporter and interested person of the Macedonian Teaching Ministry (MTM) this letter is to inform you of personnel changes that are going to be taking place in the forth coming two years.