Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to you, as a much-appreciated supporter and interested person of the Macedonian Teaching Ministry (MTM) this letter is to inform you of personnel changes that are going to be taking place in the forth coming two years.

Stephen Burkholder

Stephen Burkholder (MTM Intern Director)

From the beginning of MTM in August of 2008, my vision and heart has been to mobilize & facilitate native pastors and leaders in helping them to reach their own gospel unreached tribes & people’s groups. Our goal in accomplishing this vision was to provide in depth, motivating and inspirational Biblical teaching of the “All Things of Jesus Christ” as commanded in Matthew 28:20 as well as making disciples of Jesus among All Nations.

Thank you for being a very important part of MTM for all these many years. Your prayer and financial support is much appreciated and greatly valued. Thank you so much for your ongoing involvement with MTM. Naomi and I feel greatly indebted to you for the success & blessing the work of MTM has been over these many years.

As the years of MTM accumulated and finally in the year 2020 I turned 70 years of age it became increasingly obvious that we need to be more seriously thinking about who shall lead MTM into the future decades. This is a phenonium that every aging leader needs to be thinking about. I began searching for a younger man of leadership approximately 7 years ago for this role but since my schedule was so well filled in the work of MTM it became increasingly obvious I was failing in finding a successor for the future MTM director role. Therefore, I requested my IGo-MTM board assist me in finding a man who could lead MTM into the future decades.

I am very grateful for my American board who fully supports the vision & work of MTM and it is their heart to see MTM prosper and go forward for many decades into the future.

Therefore, the board has hired Stephen Burkholder to begin working and traveling with me as I mentor Stephen into becoming the future MTM director. This transition will take place over the next two years.

What will be Pastor Raymond & Naomi Burkholder’s role after Stephen becomes the future director of MTM. Please be assured that our vision & hearts still beat strongly for MTM. As long as God grants Naomi & I health and strength we will still be involved. Perhaps as a senior pastoral teacher/advisor. Presently we are well blessed with health and strength and waiting on the Lord for International borders to open so we can get on with the work of MTM.

We do believe and trust the Lord that His continued hand will be upon the work of MTM and that MTM will be a blessing of fruitfulness unto the nations for many more years to come.

For Christ & The Nations,
Raymond Burkholder