Raymond & Naomi Burkholder, MTM Director

Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Several years ago, the director of the Himchal Bible College & Seminary sat me down and instructed me using this scriptural verse.

Here is what he said to me; “MTM and its practical wisdom of teaching the scriptures, using experienced Bible teachers whose faith & practice first live the truth of the Scriptures and then teaches from their practical lives. This experiential type preaching & teaching is very needed in the regions of North India.” (north India has the highest concentration of unreached people groups in the world).

“Pastor Raymond your remaining days are numbered. Be sure to make them count to the MAX by focusing on training, equipping, and facilitating brothers & sisters of leadership. Empowering them to go and reach the gospel unreached as well as plant new churches among them.”

I knew that Sam’s admonishment was from the Lord to me personally as well as for MTM. The time is short, and the day is well spent and multitudes of the unreached have never once heard that there is salvation in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ alone.   

Brother Sam (full name being withheld) is the founder & director of Himchal Bible College & Seminary (HBCS). Naomi & I have been traveling to Palampur, India where HBCS is located in the beautiful Himalayan region of India for the past 6-7 years. Brother Sam extends an ongoing yearly invitation for MTM to teach & preach his annual Spiritual Life week with his students (34-40 students) at HBCS his Bible College. They come from all over the different regions of India. Every third year we also facilitated a three-week Bible school as extension refresher courses for his graduated students he has already sent out to the mission fields of North India.

When brother Sam shared this admonishment with me, I had no idea what lay ahead for MTM. It has now been all but two years that the ministry work of MTM in Asia has been being put on hold due to COVID. India has been hit very hard with COVID. Sam tells me more than 600 pastors have been promoted to Glory. He is requesting as soon as the borders of India open MTM shall make their post COVID inaugural ministry trip to North India.   

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