Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.” The Nepal Asian Bible School was planned to be held in 2020 but was canceled indefinitely because of COVID.  God finally opened the doors for the Bible School to be conducted February 21 thru March 4, 2022.  This MTM hosted Bible School was a two-week pastoral equipping event for emerging leaders & pastors.  NABS was conducted in the regions of far western Nepal at Nepalgunj. There were 22 students registered and graduated at the Nepal Asia Bible School.

The MTM Ministry Team L-R; Rich & Nicole Moore, Naomi & Raymond Burkholder & Timothy Martin (Stephen Burkholder Absent From Photo) 

Raymond Burkholder invited Timothy Martin to assist him in Nepal for the Nepal Asia Bible School.  We traveled together from PA to Doha, Qatar, There we met Rich and Nicole Moore from Oregon, and continued traveling to Nepal.  The day before we flew in, there was a strike in Nepalgunj, rioting on the streets, and congestion in the airport. The Nepali pastors were unsure if they would be able to travel safely and be at the Bible School on time. Some of the pastors walked two hours from remote villages to roads that are suitable for buses, then have a seven-hour bus ride to the Bible School. The pastors that traveled these distances would sleep at the church for the night. Others would walk or bike to the conference every day. God was faithful; all the students and teachers that had registered for the conference were able to attend.  We felt God’s continued protection and blessing the duration of the Bible School.

MTM provides a junior Bible college level education for pastors who cannot afford attending college for study. The teaching is done through a translator; taught in their native language. The three topics that were taught at the Bible School were “The Kingdom of God” by Raymond Burkholder, “The Life of Christ” by Richard Moore, and “The Book of Acts” by Stephen Burkholder. Each class was taught for 90 minutes, through a native brother translator, every day Sunday thru Friday, for two weeks.  I was responsible to be a support to the teachers with daily projector setup, sharing devotionals before class and interacting with the pastors. Our prayer is that these two weeks of immersing in God’s word will empower the pastors to go back to their villages and share with their churches, to bring spiritual growth and strength in the Kingdom of God. These pastors do not have much material possessions but give all they have to live for the Lord and minister the Gospel to those around them in their villages.

The Full Nepali Student Group At The First Nepal Asia Bible School

One evening we were in the home of Pastor Vivek (a Nepali pastor and translator for the Nepal Asia Bible School), for the evening dinner, and he explained how he oversees 43 different churches in western Nepal. When their church chooses to begin a new church, they send an evangelist  into another gospel unreached village and he preaches the gospel in that village and as new believers come to Jesus Christ a new Bible based church is planted in that village. As others in that village see how God makes a difference in the Christian’s lives, they are also drawn to Jesus Christ and the new church. Then after some time that church will send another evangelist out into another unreached village to start a new church. Pastor Vivek has a passion to have 150 new churches started by 2025. God is building His church in Nepal, and I am grateful to Him for allowing me the privilege to work in Nepal and witness the passion for souls of these dear brethren.  May God receive all the honor and glory.


Editors Note; The above article was written by, Timothy Martin who is 20 years old, from Adamstown, PA.  Timothy lives at home and works with his family at Brecknock Orchard. Timothy had plans to enroll at IGo, January through April 2022, but God changed those plans when he tested positive for COVID.  It was disappointing when God closed the door to attend IGo, but when God closes one door, He is about to open another door. That open door was with MTM to Nepal.   It has been a blessing to experience God and His perfect plan in my life and to be a part of God’s work in Nepal. Thank you brother Timothy, it was a great joy and blessing having you part of the MTM team.