2023 Year in Review

In 2023 MTM staff have logged 139 total teaching days at 21 different conferences. These conferences were attended by 1,838 people. What a Blessing and a privilege as we answer the Macedonian Call to “Come and Teach us”.  We could not have done it without your prayers and your financial support. Thanks for being part of the CALL to reach the ENDS OF THE EARTH.


The journey to Odisha Bible School October 16-27, 2023 began with the call to raise financial support thru VBS Summer Bible School at pastor Raymond’s home church, Faith Mennonite Fellowship. God provided thru his people giving generously, the funds matched exactly what was needed. However, there was a problem; pastor Raymond had no guest teacher for OBS this year! He announced on a Sunday morning, he feels God is revealing the funds and guest teacher will be supplied out of the home congregation, that someone is being called to go.

Proclaiming Christ on “Top of the World”

Four weeks and Four Teaching Assignments

Elvin joined as a guest speaker for conference in Surkhet a town in Far-Western Nepal and at a youth conference in Nepalgunj. Elvin spoke on Biblical Leadership from the life of three Kings. Stephen spoke on Biblical Finances. After Elvin flew back to USA Stephen continued teaching at a pastor conference in Jumla a remote town in the mountains of western Nepal, and teaching at a Bible school in Nepalgunj.


HBCS/MTM INTENSIVE BIBLE SCHOOL was facilitated May 29 to June 11, 2023, at Himachal Bible College and Seminary, in north India in the State of Himachal Pradesh. The post title reflects the topics that were taught at the Intensive Bible School.

Hope Thrives out of Cheetah Tragedy

In the early 1900’s Canadian Baptists brought the gospel to Gajapa, Odisha State in the beautiful tropical mountains of this region of India. There were challenges in bringing the gospel to the jungles. Sadly, a missionary was killed by a cheetah and the decision was made to move the mission to the village of Serango. The first church was established in 1917, and a bit later in 1928 an Eye Hospital was built and opened. The village of Serango was the setting of the 3rd Odisha Youth Advance Conference from May 16-19, 2023. As we journeyed from Bhubaneshwar out into the country and on into the beautiful mountain region, we were secretly hoping to see a bit of jungle wildlife like an elephant, cheetah or monkey. However, later we learned, that although at one time they were there, there are no longer any left. But there were beautiful rice paddies and water buffalo and misty mountains. As we arrived at the guest house at the New Hope Hospital compound, it felt as though we stepped back in time to the early 1900’s with peaceful echoes from the past welcoming us to continue the Lord’s work in this region of India.

“Community” – Interactive and interconnected

“If I would use one word to describe the people of western Nepal, I would choose the word “community”.   I have been to few places on the planet where the whole culture is so interactive and interconnected in daily living.  We could learn much from our brothers and sisters there!”

MTM to India, Himalayan Region Ministry

The Feature Photo is an MTM 2018 File Photo

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of harvest, that He will send forth laborer’s into His harvest.” Matt. 9:38
“Jaimasi!’ (This is the Christian greeting in this part of the world.) ‘Peace be unto you!’
When the invitation came from MTM to attend and participate in a teaching team to the State of Sikkim INDIA, I was intrigued. I asked our church if they would support the idea, which they did, so making plans began. My dear friend Truman Yoder was also planning to go if all the paperwork worked out.
After visas were granted, and plane tickets purchased, I started thinking about what God would have me to share with the youth & pastor at the conferences where we would be speaking.
The first week was filled with joy, teaching to a gentle kind group of Himalayan mountain people. We then left West Sikkim to go to East Sikkim for the pastor’s conference in Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim State of India.

Double Discipleship Making Events in a Hindu Kingdom

The present prime minister of India is striving hard to make India a Hindu Kingdom eradicating all other religions. This has resulted in persecution for Christians and Muslims. Muslims and Christians are fleeing India for this very reason. It really appears like the Gospel discipleship making opportunity in India is Fast closing. We must be adamantly passionate to do the work of Jesus in India NOW while it is yet DAY for there is a Night coming when no man can work (John 9:4).

Taking the Life-Giving Gospel into the Land of the Killing Fields…

Our native coordinator wrote the following encouragement…“We would like to show our gratitude for MTM and our wonderful guest speakers for your coming with your own resources, time and energy to make the pastoral leadership conference happened. Through the training, we feel so encouraged about forgiveness, the calling as pastors or leaders and how to humbly lead God’s people by following the example of Jesus leadership. Furthermore, according to evaluation result, most churches are eagerly looking forward to participating and learning more again”

MTM Pastoral Leadership Conference @ Jagannathpur Village, Odisha, India

After 14 years of serving the Lord with IGo & MTM Raymond & Naomi Burkholder moved their MTM base from Thailand to Akron, PA in August of 2022. Their role with MTM is changing from Director to Founder & Elder Ministry teacher. Raymond & Naomi will continue to lead teaching teams in Discipleship Making among the Nations in continuing to Spiritual Nurture the many established relationships with Pastors & Elders Among the Nations.
We are very grateful to each of our dear faithful Supporters who made the past 14 years of missionary pastoral service possible. May the Lord richly reward each of you supporters for your faithful service unto the Lord & MTM. THANK YOU!
In keeping on with the Lords continued calling upon our Lives we departed November 10th for a 6-week MTM ministry marathon which would include three pastoral training conferences in two different countries (Nepal & India) as well as a two-week Bible school in India.