2022 MTM Odisha Bible School
Bhubaneswar, INDIA
November 29-December 9, 2022

The present prime minister of India is striving hard to make India a Hindu Kingdom eradicating all other religions. This has resulted in persecution for Christians and Muslims. Muslims and Christians are fleeing India for this very reason. It certainly appears like the Gospel discipleship making opportunity in India is Fast closing. We must be adamantly passionate to do the work of Jesus in India NOW while it is yet DAY for there is a Night coming when no man can work (John 9:4).

The good hand of the Lord was upon the recent Bible School held in Bhubaneswar, India. By the grace of God my wife, Edna and I arrived safely in India where we were met by Raymond and Naomi Burkholder at the airport. The Lord’s mercies were not limited to our travels only but continued to be our experience throughout our time there.

It was a great blessing to once again meet the Odisha Bible School committee that is responsible for all the organizing that goes into such an event. I had been involved with this same MTM Bible School in 2018 so it was good to meet the brothers again.

There were approximately 35 students ranging in age from 17 to 67. It was evident that these students were hungry to learn from the Word of God. Their ready participation was an inspiration to us as teachers. Some of the young men present were a real encouragement to us.

Brother Raymond spoke on Profiles of Faith and Folly taken from the book of Genesis. He also included a few lessons from the life of Leah and Rachel. It was a good study with many practical lessons for us today. I spoke on A Faithful Servant, Leading God’s People. Our normal schedule called for each of us to speak twice a day.

  Here are a few highlights from our teaching sessions.

 As Brother Raymond spoke about moral purity, one young man in humility and transparency freely admitted that he was guilty of viewing porn on his phone. This was the beginning of many giving recognition to their own personal needs. We had a time of calling upon God, confessing and naming sins and asking for cleansing. The experience was not one that we had “scheduled” but the Holy Spirit moved and students responded.

Click Here To See A Photo Album of the HOLY SPIRIT Visitation at Odisha Bible School

Another highlight occurred as I was teaching about leading by example. Having used the example of Jesus, washing His disciples’ feet, I asked for a volunteer without stating what I wanted from him. As Bijay came forward I told him I want to wash his feet which was a surprise to him, but he permitted me to do so. And then he asked to wash my feet. Since I was a bit slow in getting my socks off, he reached to help me to do so! After he had washed my feet, he asked me to pray and so I did while we embraced. It was a moving experience for me and a new one for him.

Brother Earl Washing Bijay's Feet with Pastor Pranab (Earls interpreter) Looking On

Brother Earl Washing Bijay’s Feet with Pastor Pranab (Earls interpreter) Looking On

God graciously granted us health and strength during this time. Though not without challenges, our time spent in this part of God’s earth with brothers who are desiring to be taught was a good experience.  Is there not someone, somewhere, reading this report who is called to this work of teaching faithful men who will be able to teach others also? II Timothy 2:2, Will you not say with Isaiah who said “Here am I; send me”? Isaiah 6:8  

Himachal Bible College & Seminary
Palampur, HP, India
December 10-19, 2022

Twice each year MTM (Raymond & Naomi Burkholder) conduct Spiritual Enrichment Week here at Himachal Bible Collège & Seminary. The notable event this year was that we had 40 students from all over the different regions of India along with 11 Burmese students there at HBCS from Myanmar. We caught the pain of their hearts as their families fled to India for safety. The persecution in Burma (Myanmar) is dire due to the Military Junta (those presently ruling Myanmar) hating Christians and killing them.


Spiritual Life Week Students at HBCS


For Christ & The Nations; Raymond & Naomi Burkholder along with Earl Peachy from Belleville, PA