Dear Pastor Raymond & MTM Team,

Greetings to you from Palampur in the sweet and precious name of Jesus our Lord. We are bound to ceaselessly thank God for His marvelous blessings, even as we cherish and revel upon the fond memories that remain indelibly etched in our hearts of the time we had together with you at our Himachal Bible College & Seminary campus in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India. We are reminded of the words of the sons of Korah in Psalm 42: 4, “When I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me: for I had gone with the multitude, I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept holyday.” God forbid that we should ever forget the unspeakable joy we experienced during those precious moments we fellowshipped with you, worshipping the Lord by way of singing and exposition of God’s holy Word. Words would fail us to fully express the magnitude of blessings we received of God through your soul searching ministry. We would reckon the week’s time you spent with us as something special to have happened to our lives in recent time. Since the establishment of our college in 2006, we have always strived to cater to our students wholesome benefits of God’s Word by rightly blending spirituality with academic excellence, with the ultimate goal of presenting everyone perfect in Christ, training and equipping them for the purpose of serving Him faithfully and effectively in the vocation which God has called them into. It has been our goal, and would be so hereafter, that we aim at preparing those under our tutelage to be ready in season and out of season to preach God’s unchanging Word. Having such goals set before us, the ministry that you accomplished in our campus was well complementing our tireless labors. We want to thank you for rendering unto us your right hand of fellowship towards achieving our God honoring goals.

There was this unquestionable manifestation of God’s power in your ministry that was potent enough to shake many of us from spiritual slumber, and come to the realization of our obligations before the King of Heaven. You faithfully broke the Bread of Life in such a way that many could come out of their spiritual lethargy and apostasy to wholeheartedly respond to the voice of our heavenly Master. You have in this way reinstated them back to their faithful services before God, enabling them to regain favor before the One who beholds the earth with His eyes of consuming holiness. You have alerted many of us to be watchful, and strengthen the things which remained, that were ready to die, that our works may be found perfect before God (allusion to Rev. 3:2). Holiness and grace went hand in hand during the course of the ministry you did in our midst that we could clearly see our follies and shortcomings that had been besetting us in our walk with the Lord. It has been an eye opener for most of us that we began wondering how we were hitherto oblivious to those areas of ignorance and negligence with regards to our responsibilities towards God, thereby failing until then to bring glory and honor to His matchless name. You have shown us practical ways whereby we may keep ourselves from the stain and filth of this fallen world, and how we may shine as lights in the midst of prevailing darkness.

You did not come unto us with enticing words but rather words full of grace, seasoned with salt, challenging us to lead godly lives during our Christian pilgrimage. You did not confound us with brain racking theology but you taught us practical ways of translating theology into life in Christ. The number of testimonies we could hear in the backdrop of your ministry at our campus are undeniable proofs of the efficacy of the Christ exalting labors you performed in our midst. Truly we all could see Christ lifted up, and His radiant glory revealed. One of the pastors who attended the pastors’ conference, Pr. Sulakan Masih, told us how he was blessed by your ministry. He said that, in spite of being in the ministry for more than two decades, he was yet to witness something such as what he witnessed through your ministry in our place. For him, it was something that changed the complexion of his spiritual life forever. In the midst of the conference, he says, he was so broken down by the Spirit of God that he realized he had hitherto failed to fulfill the ministry which God had committed to his care. He began wondering whether he has been doing the Lord’s ministry at all, all these years.  He was moved to commit himself and rededicate his life to serve faithfully and diligently in the vineyard of the Lord. It was also a time of learning for him of the right methodology of rightly dividing the Word of truth. For another pastor, Pr. Virender from Dharamsala, it was a time of conviction of how he was not loving and caring his wife, and how he neglected spending quality time with her. When he could see through your teaching how Christ modeled a godly husband in loving His Church by laying down His life for her, Pr. Virender was able to realize how he has been a failure in being an exemplary husband. The conference hall was for him a place where God confronted him with His truth, helping him to make fresh resolutions towards fulfilling marital obligations. By the end of the conference he was resolved to love and care his wife like never before, inspired by the model set by Christ himself. Can something more noble and virtuous be expected of a pastors’ conference on a topic of such significance as marriage? For Pr. Lal Singh, it was an occasion for reflecting upon his own labors as a minister of God’s Word. As he self-evaluated the ministry he has been doing in the light of what he heard from you, he stumbled upon the fact that how lightly he has been taking the discipline of preaching and teaching, and how shallow has he been interpreting the Scriptures. Pr. Lal Singh, a man with more than fifteen years of ministry experience, and having baptized nearly 300 people, says he was mesmerized by your teaching. He was captivated by the way you offered in-depth expounding of the Scriptures on the subject of ‘marriage and family’. The deep insights you drew out of the Scriptures on marriage were altogether new and thought-provoking to him. To sum it all, your ministry was fruitful and successful in every possible way. You confronted many to their faces with the power of God’s Word, bringing them face to face with the countenance of a holy God. You succeeded to generate fear and trembling in our hearts that is essential for our works to be pleasing and acceptable to His holy sight. You have shown to us where we were standing in our relationship with the Lord, and where we were heading towards in our walk with the Lord, making complete sense of how the Word should be a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path.

Before winding up this testimony, we would want to list out in direct speech what our students said about your ministry and how they were richly informed and blessed by you:

  • “we learned to lay our treasures in heaven, and should not set our hearts on things of the earth
  • “our first marriage should be with Christ before we think about marriage”
  • “we should be humble as Jesus was, and it is the most important thing in the kingdom of God”
  • “our home is our first church”
  • “we should lay down our lives for our family, friends, and for our wife (if God so wills in future)”
  • “we learned that learning theology for getting head knowledge alone is vanity in the sight of God, but practicing the things in the kingdom of God which our Lord teaches is all that matters the most”
  • “by looking at your (Pr. Raymond) life, we have learned that even though you have age and experience in your side, you were an example of humility for all of us; we saw in you the likeness of Christ in our midst”
  • “I’ve learned to depend upon God in attempting anything regarding my marriage and future life”
  • “thank you that you have taught us what exactly Bible says about marriage; surely it will help me in future”
  • “we are encouraged to see how you (Pr. Raymond) and your wife are enjoying spiritual companionship and marital bliss all through your walk with the Lord together”
  • “thank you for your comprehensive teaching about marriage”

We take this opportunity to praise and thank God for employing you as instruments of His glory, and vessels of His tender mercies. We praise Him for choosing you and counting you as faithful stewards of His household. May He prosper you and bless you with all the blessings which He has reserved for His beloved children. May the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of Christ spread in all places at all times in and through your lives. We bless you in the name of the Lord. Unto Him be praise, glory, honor, and strength, forever and forever.

Dr. Sam Abraham

[Director: Himachal Bible College & Seminary]


Dear Pr. Raymond & MTM Team,

Greetings to you in the incomparable name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is my pleasure to write a few words of commendation as a testament of the spirit-empowered ministry you (the MTM team) did at our Himachal Bible College & Seminary campus at Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India. I cannot but acknowledge that you were able to impact the spiritual lives of students and faculty as well in a God-honoring manner. The seminar you conducted at our school, followed by the pastors’ conference, were all informational, inspirational, and edifying to the souls of the people of God. The topic you chose for the pastors’ conference, even ‘Marriage & Family’, was exceptional. To say the least, it was beneficial and profitable for all those you ministered unto. I perceive that the significance and importance of godly families in the building up of the church of God is highly neglected and overlooked. I would say that you have taken a remarkable step to take up the subject of ‘marriage & family’ seriously, and expounding the Scripture to show us how important the subject is. As a personal testimony, during my walk with the Lord for the last fifteen years, I have attended and actively participated in many bible seminars and conferences. But it is incredible to note that none of those had happened to be on the topic of marriage and family. I had not even considered it important until you ministered from God’s Word on that subject. I have been a theology student for about six years, and through the study of ecclesiology, the doctrine of the church, I learned that family is the primary unit of the church, and rightly so: accordingly, a number of families congregating together constitute a local church. I was seeing the importance of family in the light of this understanding alone. With this understanding, though consistent with the New Testament Scriptures, I was able to see evangelism alone as the one and only way of God building up His church. But through your ministry, I was able to see the building up of godly families, in unison with evangelism, as God’s two-fold way in the economy of building His glorious church. You have shown innumerable Scriptural reasons as to why one would be convicted to believe that God employs two ways for the growth of His Body. The reasons you highlighted are too persuasive to be ignored. This being the truth, the responsibility of building up the church is no more delegated of God to pastors and evangelists only, but to every parent who sets his/ her heart to fulfill the God ordained purpose in marriage, even as God looks for godly seeds. During the pastors’ conference, with your sound doctrine on marriage and family, you were able to challenge every parent with the paramount task of raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. To drive home this inspiring point, you beautifully processed your teaching from the vantage point of marriage, showing how a godly man and godly woman come together for marriage, God being in total charge, command and control, bringing to pass the inseparable union of two individuals. This is all about your ministry in brief with respect to the topic selection.

During the preparation of writing this testimony, I had discussions with all the students, boys and girls separately, and I could get encouraging feedback. Let me note down what the girls told me with regards to the spiritual matters that encouraged them the most during the class sessions they had with you:

  • Godly virtue of humility as could be seen from Jesus washing the feet of His disciples (Pr. Raymond)
  • Godly marriage and God’s solemn purposes in marriage
  • Women’s identity in Christ (Sr. Rosa)
  • Respect and honor a husbands renders his wife
  • Women’s involvement in role of building God’s kingdom
  • Church begins from our home
  • Future plans about ministry (Sr. Rosa)
  • God’s special place for women
  • Testimony (Ms. B)
  • Power of praying (Sr. Naomi)
  • Image of God in man (Pr. John)

I want to make note a few things about the manner in which you all conducted yourselves. I am glad to admit that modesty has been the hallmark of your personality. The manner in which you dressed, spoke, handled things, and how you relate to others, were so pleasant, noble and virtuous, worthy to be imitated. We could learn much from you. We all have been influenced by your godly nature and character that we were all challenged to examine ourselves and rededicate our lives for the glory of our Lord. I am proud to hail from a traditional Pentecostal community that is highly conservative in its teachings and practice. Traditional Pentecostals in Kerala, the State in India I hail from, strictly forbid watching TV, commercial movies, and every other thing that poses a potential threat to frustrate our intimate relationship with the Lord. I could take notice that all of your practices and teachings strike accord with that of the Pentecostals of Kerala. In this way you have set high values for practical Christian living, which is elusive nowadays. By embracing these Christian virtues you have set your hearts and minds to serve God as living epistles and ambassadors of His matchless name. By serving others by way of preaching and teaching of His Word, and fellowshipping with His people, you have made sure that such qualities do not stagnate in you but would flow out of you to be communicated to others who are blessed by your ministry. No wonder those young men and women from IGO represent you in a great way. I had the opportunity to spend quality time with them as I took them to different places around our school for street evangelism and church related activities. In word and deed, how they upheld their identity in Christ was amazing to me. They had great passion for the Lord and His Word, raring to go for the Lord, where ever He would want to lead them. I am convinced that they have learned to be so through their association with you. In this way you are leaving behind a lasting legacy for the younger generations, that they may lay hold of it, so that the good work that God began in you would continue through them for His glory and honor: you have made sure that the mantle of ministry shall be passed on to safe hands!

Now I would like to touch upon the manner in which you handled the Scriptures. For the past nine years, since 2006, I have been associated with bible colleges as a student, and of late, as a teacher. During this period, I had the privilege to meet many ministers of God’s Word from the West, especially from the United States of America, fully committed to biblical scholarship. I should honestly admit that I have been richly blessed by their ministries. Even the conversations I had with them have left a lasting impact in me that has been instrumental in making me an effective minister and communicator of God’s eternal Word. Nevertheless, as I juxtapose your ministry with that of theirs, I see an incredible difference. You might want to know what it is that does make a difference. It has something to do with the heart posture! The experiences I had with those highly learned men from the West had everything to do with the intellect but little to the heart. Their teachings in the form of lectures and discourses were exceptionally appealing to the mind; barely transcending to the heart. It was good enough for accumulating head knowledge but sparingly for the much needed soul. It never addressed the issues of one’s soul condition, or heart posture. This I say not to demean the credibility of their ministries, or diminish the fruitfulness of their labors. In the context of a bible college where intellectual expertise is appreciated and academic excellence is pursued, their roles are indispensible. But when I consider your ministry, you have been successful to accomplish the twin effect of appealing to the mind as well as appealing to the heart. Your emphasis upon the heart posture of a true seeker of God is that element which makes the whole difference. I dare not say that your ministry was far from satisfying the appetite of the intellect. I perceive that you make earnest attempts to make your ministry appealing to the mind as well with the good intention of ensuring that the issues of the heart are duly addressed. For you, right heart posture is more important than anything and everything the mind is capable of comprehending. You want to make sure that the Word of God makes its unstoppable journey through you, reaching even the deep recesses and secret chambers of the human heart, accomplishing His good purposes and performing His perfect will in their lives. The way in which you ministered to us has been too compelling to be resisted. The passion and love for God and His Word could be seen displayed in all its possible dimensions and spectrums. I would desire, God willing, more from you as long as God continues to open doors for you in coming to us and ministering unto us in the days to come. Let me conclude that our mutual fellowship has been nothing short of genuine blessings: God making you our channel of blessings; blessings unspeakable!

In His Majestic Service

Joy Philix G.M. 

(Faculty, Himachal Bible College & Seminary)   


Dear  Pastor Raymond, Greetings in Jesus name. Thank you so much for all the contribution that you have made for the Dhading Nepal youth conference. From Oct 6-8 2014, we had wonderful youth conference in Dhading Nepal where more than 160  youths were attended from different churches. This youth conference was hosted by Grace Christian Youth Group and was facilitated by Macedonian Teaching Ministry (MTM) Thailand. The theme of the conference was”LIVE FOR JESUS”. Pastor Paul Smucker spoke about the commandments of Jesus and challenged the youths that only obeying His commandments we can live for Jesus. Pastor Raymond preached from the life of David who really lived for Jesus alone and inspired them to follow the example of David. At the final session pastor Raymond challenged youths to live for Jesus and made altar call and many youths responded and made decisions to live for Jesus. Amen. All the praise and glory be unto God. Thank God and to you all who made this conference to happened. May God bless.  Pastor Man From Dhading/Pokhara NEPAL  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am so honor and privilege to get to know Pastor Raymond and some of the teaching team members of MTM and as far as I heard  them teaching the word of God is very solid and most of them have years of ministry experienced. MTM vision and goal is same as our ministry of Asia Soul Winners.

  • OUR VISION:- To reach out to those peoples, tribes and nations of India and Asia who have not previously heard the Gospel.
  • OUR STRATEGY:- To encourage, equip and empower workers for the harvest.
  • OUR AIM:- To mobilize believers and churches for mission through partnership and networking.
  • OUR GOAL:- To win souls for Jesus Christ.

Recently we had two missions conference in the NE India and many church leaders were rekindle the fire of revival to go and share Christ to others. So I want to thank all of you who are behind this MTM ministry to continue supporting them in term of prayer,going and giving. God bless all of you, Rev.G.Khing, Director Asia Soul Winners, Nagaland INDIA


Thank you brother Raymond for your heart for Nepal. Thank you brother for your prayer and support for Dhangadhi Conference. Thank you brother for sending holy saints like Ps. Merle and Ps. Curt with their wives for their challenging revival preaching and teaching. It was really a “ To God be the glory” success at Dhangadhi, the far-west of Nepal this year. Conference like this was never before regarding the participation of pastors, leaders and believers and some even non-believing ones who were converted and baptized the following day two of the participants. God used all of us to reach with gospel to the theater owner also who had hardened his heart the other day to force us to stop doing our program in that place BUT God changed his heart from not giving his hall into giving us for another two days  from the time he asked our local pastor to do. Praise God for this change, and now he is ready to give his theater in rent again if we want to do any program like this again and again.

Some good things to remember:  The temperature was so high that each one of us were totally got soaked with sweat every time and everyday. This program was a great blessing for bringing revival into each one of our hearts participated there because our preachers were divinely inspired personalities from the Lord as if they were chosen for such kind of works to encourage and inspire people. The thrust of and hunger for the word of God in the hearts of the people participated was amazingly high as it could be seen clearly that non of them would stand or move anywhere even while offering short breaks from time to time, but continued listening and honoring word of God.  All the participants were found so curious to listen and learn and wiling to help in times of need. A very dedicated local team was there. The participants wanted even more days to continue this program. The demand and request is at a very high level for this program soon again by the local team. The weather and everything assisted us during the program.

The perfect season or time for that area to have this kind of program is October –Nov or Later part of January to end of February. BUT one thing, it is hard to stop the number of people willing to participate and therefore, the number of participants will always be higher or more than estimated which was what happened with us this time and therefore, even besides the local contribution for the program, we needed a bit more budget which was accepted and helped by brother Merle.  In spite of all that went there with all of us by the grace of God, pastor Ishwar and I felt that we missed you and sister Naomi much. Certainly there would be another additional exciting joy with you, dear brother if you were there. We do not want to miss you again ahead while having program of this kind any time.

Dear brother, words cannot express enough for all that you have done to bless us with such a wonderful privilege to us with all that you have been doing since HBS Nepal. Brother, we would ask your favor to remind you if you would not mind, to pray for addressing the higher and urgent need of another revival conference for the east Nepal or the same place once again this year because we could not involve all the pastors, leaders and believers we wanted and they had requested to participate in this program this time and so, could you please pray for this for the month of October-November this year or even before if MTM schedule for these times of this year has possibility for us to bless even more participants once again with your inspiring and challenging message with full energy in spirit that we have noticed and experienced before and after? We understand that MTM may have financial challenges for such programs, and so we are praying for this, dear brother. We thank dear brother Ps. Merle and brother Ps. Curt with their wives for their unforgettable hard work and contribution.  Pastor Deepak and Pastor Ishwar from Kathmandu Nepal


We had a wonderful time with MTM during feb2-4, 2010. 125 delegates attended for the 2 day conference. For many of us, it was the first time of listening to this kind of training and teaching. In fact Bro.Lee was the first white man who stepped in to our ministry. 95% of our delegates are from rural and tribal villages. Only the pastors and leaders in the cities are getting this kind of teaching but no one reach and consider rural pastors, evangelists and leaders. But we are thankful to you because MTM could done this could reach far most villages of Andhra Pradesh where there are no opportunities to get learn under spiritual leadership like you. It was really a God given privilege to us.

It was really a time of refreshing and learning together. For most of them, it was a time of Re-commitment. Brother Lee had given invitation all of our delegates responded from their heart. One pastor said that…’as pastors we always busy in equipping believers but here at MTM, equippers are equipped. It’s just Refueling our souls.we could learn a lot about Hebrews within 2 days, where in Bible School it would take 3 to 4 months. The material that we gave to all our delegates was a big help for them. I did a lot of hard work to translate and get printed but my labour is not in vain. You are one man but indirectly influenced 100 above churches. You will have a greater reward from our Lord.

 Especially my church is blessed through one day revival. Lee’s messages have touched many and Joyce’s testimony has given hope to many who are disappointed in life. I cannot explain what has been happening here as a result of this wonderful couple. Many have given their life to Jesus and 8 people took baptism on Feb 7. A Hindu business man is coming to church regularly as Lee has visited him one evening . Two women got healed after Joyce had prayed for them. Some of our believers have committed to evangelize others as Lee has given invitation. Now they are active in out reach.    Vishakhapatnam (Vizag), India


“After the Conference of MTM here in Myanmar, Many pastors, leaders, missionaries and an evangelists are becoming fire for Jesus in their ministry of the areas of where God called them. They all are keeping and wanting MTM conference to have in Myanmar on every year since it is so powerful teachings and  strengthen in their faith again and re-fire again to keep serving Jesus more”.
“All Pastors and leaders believe that MTM as God’s blessings to Myanmar God’s works and He is sending people of MTM to make people in Myanmar fire for Jesus. I am receiving letter after letters from Churches of all over Churches of Myanmar, keep on to have Conference Of MTM in Myanmar every year. Not only that the churches of Myanmar are asking me and MTM to have/open training or teaching center here at Yangon, in Myanmar. Because All churches of Myanmar, they would like to send men and women for Jesus to MTM and to training under MTM. Our prayer is God should speak to you all and move by the spirit of Him and to be able to accomplish of God’s calling MTM to Myanmar”.       Yangon, Myanmar 


“Indeed I am so blessed by the Macedonian Teaching Ministry. I have learned about God’s heart for the people. MTM has very practical and simple teaching. Even the illiterate person would easily understand the teaching. God is using MTM mightly in different parts of the world. I am touched by MTM’s heart desire and commitment for God’s glory.”  Aizawl, India


“I want to tell you  that I have received great benefit from MTM teaching. It be building my life in Christ Jesus. For your teaching by about the Paul’s life in Acts Book. In Christ, Dear Sir I have thanks a lot you so much. Could you send me your teaching notes? I will glad if you can send for me and I can share other about it. Dear Sir, every time you have plan to do a MTM conference or preaching and teaching, please invite me wherever with you, may I have restore my soul in your pasture to be enable to read the way of God for our people”.   Yangon, Myanmar 


“When MTM came to Indonesia, messages were preached about being connected to the Lord Jesus Christ and this burnt deep in our hearts. The teachings made us open our eyes and see God’s vision. Our church vision is now that many lost souls would repent. We can only say thank you to the Lord Jesus for sending MTM to Indonesia.”     Palangkaraya, Indonesia


“MTM has taught me that every church should be a sending church which is the true example of the Antioch church. Truly I came to understand that a healthy church is a growing and sending church. Barnabas became the bridge to the church and Paul presented Christ unto the uter most. We should be a model like Barnabas.”        Thimpu, Bhutan