We have planted the seeds and watered the plants throughout Cambodia and now we are waiting and expecting God to bring the increase He deserves!!

Cambodia, April 8 – 19 2019

Our energy is feeling spent, but our hearts are full and overflowing with joy at the welcome we received and the gladness with which the teaching from God’s Word was received from the brothers and sisters here in Cambodia.

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A graphical lesson on the Holy Spirit by James Mullet:  who He is, where He lives, & what He does…including how to be born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.


It’s been a great joy for my wife and I (James and Ruth Mullet of Sugarcreek, OH) to partner with Merle and Judy Flory of MTM to help teach these dear brothers and sisters who are seeking to know the will of the Lord more perfectly. We had looked forward to this time for several years already.

Our home church, Living Waters Fellowship, (Beachy affiliation) has sensed a call to plant Bible practicing churches, and provide sound Bible teaching and teaching helps for the pastors and Christian workers here in this country.  It was a great privilege and joy to share with them from the teaching books that we have gotten translated and printed and to teach several lessons from them to show them how to use them.


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The answer is in the Bible, Here the brothers at Svay Rieng are like the Bereans, searching the scriptures with all readiness of mind to see if these things be so.

Brother Merle taught about living out godly marriages, using vivid and captivating demonstrations to bring out spiritual truths. Strong emphasis was put on the permanence of marriage, the importance of pastors being strong examples in how to be a godly family, (and not neglecting it in exchange for other ministry, which so easily happens here), and the difference in the roles of husband and wife.

I taught on our accountability, and the importance of us pastors teaching sound doctrine, then taught two lessons from the book, Basic Bible Studies:(by Wendell Heatwole), The Word of God (it’s origin and authority), and The Holy Spirit. Next, I showed them the different lessons and how to teach them from the Dordrecht Confession of Faith, and taught on how Christians should relate to the civil government, and how to respond to persecution, and the fourth lesson was from the book, Created With Purpose,(by Rick Rhodes) focusing on the headship order and the three signs of gender distinction.

Many of the pastors received the teaching with gladness and were pleased to receive extra copies of the books presented to use to do Bible studies with their own people.

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Perfect balance after shuffling around the materials and books.  ALAMs heart is that the materials they passed out will bring balance to the individuals, marriages, families, and churches in Cambodia till Jesus comes.

Some other books that we presented and distributed were: Jesus Really Said That? (by Gary Miller) and several volumes of the Torch of Truth, a Christian family magazine that is published by our conservative Anabaptist brothers from Costa Rica every other month. We also shared with them some of CAM’s 101 Favorite Bible Stories and 25 Favorite Bible Stories, all translated into Khmer. We invited them to partner with us to distribute more of them in their own communities.

Please help us pray that God’s Word would not return void, but that it would accomplish that which God pleases, and that it shall prosper in the thing whereto He sent it. Isaiah 55:11.

For the glory of God and His Kingdom, James b Mullet


The above article was written by Brother James Mullet, MTM guest teacher, who served in Cambodia along with his wife Ruth.  The Mullets are from Sugarcreek, Ohio where James serves as Senior Pastor/Bishop of the Living Waters Church. Brother James also serves a growing flock of believers as overseeing Bishop near Siem Reap, Cambodia. MTM is very grateful to the Mullets along with all who generously support this ministry in SE Asia.